Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stash Report-February

I know February isn't over yet but I have a few minutes to post new numbers for my stash and with a little fortitude I won't bring home anything the rest of the week!  So far this month:

IN-7.65 yards
OUT- 2.78 yards

Year to Date:
IN-9.69 yards
OUT- 7.21

Quilts quilted YTD: 2  (got another one done today 2/23, so now I'm at 3)

So, I need to explain something...the best deal ever is getting a bag of scraps from Quilts Plus.  For only $12.95 you can STUFF a bag full of lovelies that need a home.  There was at least 5 pounds, I mean yards of fabric in there, of pieces I could kinda count plus smaller pieces that I couldn't.  So, that really bumped up my total yards IN.  I used some of it right away for sets of triangles for the triangle exchange and some more of it for the blocks I have yet to post and there's still a huge pile left but, they are so. much. fun. to look at!  You gotta try it. 

I'll be back real soon with more.

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  1. Hmm I didn't realize Quilts Plus did that. I'll have to check that you sometime...but first I had better work at sewing up what I already have.........