Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Layer Cake Block Two: Cake Stand

All pieces

Sorry to make you wait so long for this! I've got some pictures ready too.  

Scroll all the way down to see the finished block or, look at the previous post.  Be sure to read all the way through first so you can see all your choices.

In the first picture you'll see the block pieces cut plus all the leftover pieces.  This will give you an idea of much extra fabric there is.  We'll save these pieces for future blocks so keep them in a safe place!

From the Dark Brown: 
Cut (1) 5" Square and cut in half on the diagonal, set one aside
Cut (1) 2 7/8" Square and cut in half on the diagonal

From the Blue Floral:
Cut (2) 2 7/8" Squares and cut them in half on the diagonal

From the Cream Background:
Cut (1) 5" Square and cut in the half on the diagonal, set one aside
Cut (1) 2 1/2" Square
Cut (2) 2 7/8" Square and cut in half on the diagonal
Cut (2) 2 1/2" x 4 1/2" rectangles

Now here are two options for the smaller triangle pieces:  If you have an Easy Angle Tool you'll get better use of your fabric and you'll cut a 2 1/2" strips instead of 2 7/8" squares.   If you're comfortable using this tool or want to practice on some scrap fabric it's a neat tool for cutting just a few triangles at a time.  If not, no big deal, just stick to the cutting numbers above.
 OOOH,  here's another little twist!  Do you see the inside piece is a different fabric now?  Do you like that idea?  Just choose another layer cake square and cut a 5" square from it and cut it in half on the diagonal and use one of them for the center of the block.
Alternate Center Triangle

With those choices made it's time to start piecing.  This is what chain piecing looks like. Piece all the triangles into squares.  Also notice that when you piece the "feet" of the cake stand the brown triangles face in opposite directions.   Press towards the darker fabric.  As you sew units together try to press your pieces so that the tips of triangles can stay flat and not pressed back on itself.  Your block will lay better.

Chain Piecing

 Here they are; all the triangles are sewn to make squares.  Trim off the "ears" and check that they each measure 2 1/2".  Trim the large triangle square to 4 1/2".
Piece the Triangles

So the pairs of triangles together and sew one pair to one side the large triangle square.  So the small square to one side of the pairs and then sew that unit to the other side the large square unit.  The side pieces go on next; one to each side.  Check the picture so that you get the small brown triangles facing in the correct direction!

Lastly, add the large cream triangle to the bottom of the cake stand.  Fold the triangle in half and finger press a crease in it.  Line the crease up with point of the brown square and pin in place.   Also, see the points of the cream triangle extending beyond the edge?  That's the way it should look!  This time press towards the light.

Last Triangle


I hope you enjoy making this classic block!  You'll see it so many quilts and now you'll know how to make it!  

Let me know how it goes!  

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