Thursday, February 3, 2011

How Do You Cut That?

I was asked again today, at work, how to cut a piece that is larger than any of your rulers.  So, here are a couple of pictures to show you how I do it.  I use a combination of rulers whichever ones make it easiest to measure the size and cut across the whole piece at once.  The pictures this time are from cutting the pieces you need to make the faux leather journal covers (see post below). 

The measurement I need to cut for the width is 10 3/8".  I trimmed the left side to get a clean edge (not pictured) using the long white ruler.  Now use that cut edge to measure over the whole 8 1/2" for that ruler plus another 1 7/8" for the yellow ruler for a total of 10 3/8".  The yellow ruler is long enough to provide an accurate straight edge; it doesn't have to be as long as the piece your cutting-the white-lined ruler will do that.  Now you're ready to cut the width!  Easy Peasy!  You can do this!

Now to cut the length of 16".  This time I chose to use the yellow ruler as my main ruler.  It's a 6" width so now I need to measure 10" with the white ruler to get a total of 16".  In order to make sure my piece is square set the 1" line on the yellow ruler and the 10" line on the white ruler on the edges I've already cut.  They should line up perfectly.  If not, one of those edges needs to be corrected; in this case I'd re-trim the end. 

Does that help?  I hope so! Now you can get those pieces cut with a little more confidence!  You might want to practice on some waste fabric first. 

Here's a quick stash report for January:

Fabric IN:  2 yards
Fabric OUT:  4 3/8 yards

Net Fabric Busted:  2 3/8 yards

Project Update:
Bound Christmas quilt (queen size, took a long time to hand sew)
Made a lap-size top for shop sample
Quilted one quilt on my long-arm
Completed project for January's Christmas Challenge
Completed three knit hats

I feel really good about having spent lots of time sewing even though I haven't spent as much time on my long-arm.  All things in their time.  And, making little blocks don't use up lots of fabric.  I'm not worried about that either.  Those little blocks are just too cute!

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