Saturday, February 26, 2011

Friendship Triangle Exchange Results

Two things: 
One, I apologize for the fact that the Triangle Exchange is Closed. 
Two, have I ever mentioned how terribly distracted I get?  All the time??  Which brings me to saying that I don't have my project ready yet for this month's Santa's Workshop :(  Sorry.

What I have been working on is sorting triangles for our Guild Exchange.  At some point I would like to write up my directions and a full tutorial based on what I learned from hosting this but if someone has a question or wants information in the meantime please leave a comment.  

The Basics:  Our exchange ran from September to February.  It was based on Edyta's book Friendship Triangles after she came to speak at our guild.  That gave our members plenty of time to get involved, get foundation paper, and get busy.  Some people turned them in as they completed their packets, others turned them in at the end.   Members were instructed to use Edyta Sitar's 2" finished Triangle paper which yields sets of 28 half-square triangle units.  They could make as many packets as they wished.  They used quilt shop quality fabric.  Since our guild meets 3 times each month at 3 different locations several guild members helped me collect packets each month since I did not go to every meeting.  Pretty simple, huh?

Here is part of what was turned in:

Several of us gathered last Thursday to sort them.  And, we had sorted some earlier in the month as well. 

Total time for sorting:  about 5.5 hours for a dozen volunteers
Total number of participants:  55
Total number of packets turned in:  700+
Total number of triangles exchanged:  20,000+

All I can say is, it was really, really fun to see it all come together.  Yes, it was a bit of work but, I really didn't mind it all.  A few hours here and there are all.  And, yes, I did turn some in myself, of course! :) So, now I have another UFO!  or, maybe I should call it a WIP... 

If you participated, I can't wait to see what design you come up with.  I plan to add a flickr page so we can share our progress and finished projects.

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  1. I have an idea for mine. I can't wait to get my triangles and see what fabric will look best with all of them!