Monday, February 21, 2011

Plugged In and Loving It

This will be silly to most of you but I have a new-found love for my iPhone.  I've never used it that much for music; I really don't mind just plain quiet while I'm sewing or the normal street sounds when I'm out walking.  And, I do occasionally use the cd player while I'm sewing but, when someone (who shall remain Nameless) shares the sewing/tv/exercise area with you and is watching the most UNappealing shows Ever something must be done!  A simple comment at work today and There was my Answer!  Thank you Julie!  What a lifesaver!  I was beside myself trying to Work while listening to yuck.  Tonight I plugged in the earphones and cranked up the music and felt the Love.  And, back in that zone, I finished quilting the charity quilt top for breast cancer patients.  Much better!

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