Saturday, January 11, 2014

I can't watch!

These football games are too hard to, I'll sew and cut and press and blog and take a peak every few minutes.  I wanted to share a little trick I've come up with to help me stay organized while I'm cutting scraps.  This may be something many of you have already figured out to do but I just began doing this and I hope it helps me stay organized and get more scraps cut up and out of the bin.  I'm using a Cheat Sheet!  I have several projects going at any one time, don't you too?  For some projects I already have baggies of pieces cut and ready to sew.  For most, I cut a little then sew a little.  Case in point, for the new little Ohio Stars I'm making ( 11 made so far on my one-a- day challenge for 2014!), I'm pulling civil war fabrics and selecting pairs.  Well, after I cut a couple of sets for stars, and some to share, I really didn't want to put those fabrics back in the bin to end up with even smaller scraps.  So, I use my Cheat Sheet to help me determine what else I could cut out of those fabrics....bow ties? four patches?  2 1/2" squares?  2" strip or squares? My Cheat Sheet helps me remember what projects I'd like to have more pieces for and what size pieces it requires.  It lists in size order what projects I'm cutting for making it easier for me to cut it up while it's already pressed and neat and on my cutting mat.  Who wants to have to press and straighten edges and measure again?   I hope it helps!  And I hope you get to sew today too!

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