Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas is over

The decorations got put away today...and we are hunkered down for the storm which is supposed to bring several inches of snow.  I did some sewing and some quilting today too...while watching the Wild Card game with the Colts.  What a crazy game and how fantastic to have the Colts come out on top.
I continued webbing the top of Scrappy Trips- one direction is complete and now I'm starting the other direction and it's looking great!  I'm so happy with it!  I made a little bit of progress on Celtic Solstice...a few minutes a day and eventually blocks will come together to make a new quilt!  I have a cohort, J, and we've talked several times about projects we could make simultaneously and I think we've found one that just might get done..actually, she's much better about getting her projects done than I am mine.  We've decided to make 4 1/2" finished Ohio Stars!  Lots of them!  In fact, one every day this year, with a few days off for good behavior ( cutting days).  We both have lots of scraps in Civil War Reproductions so we'll be using light backgrounds with dark star points.  Doesn't that sound like fun?  I'll post pics of that once in awhile too.  I thought I had a pic of the baby quilt I quilted today for a friend but it's not here so I'll put that on later as well.

Happy sewing!  And if you're in the path of the winter storm stay safe and stay home and sew!  I know you have a project or two you could work on!

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