Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Three Little Tidbits

I feel like such a weasel to say I've been too busy (for me, that is, not for some people who remind me of the energizer bunny, but, that's not me) the past couple of weeks to have the time or energy to think about posting. But, I do have a couple of things you all might like to know about.

One, CV gave me this link to Sharon Schamber's instructions for a Quilt Show quality binding and it is wonderful! I've used this on two bindings recently and it's a winner. Don't worry about whether your quilt is going to a show or not, it's a good method for any quilt for which you want a machine-finished binding; I haven't tried it yet for a hand-finished binding. Once the binding was sewn on front side of the quilt, it only took an hour to prepare and sew down the other side and it came out well even on the first try. I'm thinking that's pretty good; and I can surely get better at it.

Two, I did complete one small task. I told you about the triangle exchange I hosted so the next step was to take the paper off the units. Ta Da! That’s done! Now to press open 900+ pieces but, that should be way more fun since I’ll be looking at all the different fabrics as I press.  (picture added 3/20/11).

Thirdly, I'm making an Easter Basket out of 1/2" cotton cording wrapped with fabric strips that I think will be sooo cute.  Hopefully that will be ready to post over the weekend.  I'm not even close to being a Grandma but, a friend asked me to teach her how to make corded baskets for her grandson so I thought I'd make one to share with you all.  If I get it finished soon you'll have plenty of time, I hope, in case you have a little one that needs an Easter basket this year.  (It's not ready yet...maybe next weekend??)


  1. Stephanie, that binding tutorial looks awesome! When I get Eventide finished, I'm going to try that way!

    I hope you got the binding strips and label I dropped off at QP!

    I worked downstairs on Eventide all afternoon, I'm half finished with the Ohio Star blocks (42). So, 21 more of those. Square all that up and join, 52 quarter triangles for the inner border + 4 flying geese, make those strips, and join, attach, make the pieced border, attach, and I'm done~ except for piecing the back and making the binding. What was I thinking, LOL! I really am liking the quilt though! You'll see soon, hopefully!

  2. I decided not to make the Eventide pattern right now. It's so pretty and I'm sure I'll be sorry when I see everyone's finished quilts but I need to make a quilt for my nephew and Eventide just looks really feminine to me. Sounds like you're making good progress on yours!
    I will be at the shop on Monday so I'll look for the binding and label then. Thanks for the heads up.
    I'm glad you liked Sharon's binding video. It worked so nicely for me. It just makes sense to me to have it all held down in place before you sew. You'll have to try it!