Sunday, March 20, 2011

More organized

I'm always reorganizing my home and my sewing space. This weekend I saw an article in the paper that gave me an idea to give me more storage space for the projects I'm actively working on; usually that's 3 or 4 or more. Typically, each project is piled here or there and has to be moved constantly (or stepped over) to go from project to the other which is hardly ideal. It's been bothering me for awhile. I was pretty sure I needed shelves on the wall but, it will be awhile before hubby has time to get to that project. So, here is what I came up with.  It's not pretty but I think it's going to work really well:

I took a small set of freestanding shelves for shoes from the coat closet, cleaned them up and set them at the back of my cutting station. Then I loaded it up with all my current projects. On the top shelf is everything I'm using for the Layer Cake BOM plus a couple other things. In the middle is the Easter Basket from ½” cording and a little quilt yet to be named. On the bottom are the fabrics for my Ohio Stars project and a bin for Clothesline projects.  I also have space to the right for 2 magazine holders for all my class ideas and to the left room for two more bins of stuff. Do you see the Omigosh pattern sticking up out of the blue bin? Now I can easily cut strips as I clean up from projects and throw them in the bin. With my cutting station clear I should be able to cut borders etc so much more efficiently! And, I didn’t have to buy a thing. I found all the tubs and bins I needed in the storage room. So, if your space isn’t working for you look around and see what you can find.  And save your money for FABRIC or BOOKS! 


  1. It looks organized to me, and as long as it works for you that's what is important. I have a bin set aside to cut strips for the Omigosh, too. That one is on my list of things I want to do someday.......

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  3. Well at least I can 'see' my cutting mat now!

    Do you have a color scheme for Omigosh?

  4. Sounds good to me! I reorganized my sewing room last week~ ( the cleaning lady needed to be able to clean it!) but it can ALWAYS bear improvement. It's actually a library room. What I need to do is move out the books, at least on one wall, and make that the fabric/ project wall. But I'd really rather sew!