Saturday, March 19, 2011


I really did want to make this quilt.  But, it's not the right one for the person I need to make one for.  I just couldn't visualize it, the color placement, and all.  I am making Ohio Stars but in a different size block and setting.  If anyone doing Eventide would like to see what I'm working on I will update on Tuesday with pictures of my progress.  This quilt needs to be completed by May 1 so I should have something to show each week until then.  Sorry if I've disappointed.  There's always much to choose from and many decisions to make for any quilt.  The Eventide quilts will be beautiful.  I'm sure I will be sorry not to have made it this time around but hopefully some day I will.  Thelma's doing a great job hosting too!  I'm having a really good time seeing what everyone is doing.  If you want to see it head over to


  1. Do post your progress! I'd love to see!

  2. I haven't even started my Eventide! Lol! So you are WAY ahead of me! I am still thinking I'll get it done bt the deadline....right. I would love to see your progress!