Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Best Sous Chef and Iron Maven is gone :(

That would be my Mom I'm talking about.  I took her to the airport today.  While she was here my kitchen never had dirty dish in sight and dinner was ready in half the time.   She's a whiz at getting things done.  Pity I didn't inherit that trait from her.  We went for a walk every day and enjoyed a glass of wine before dinner each night.  We played many a game of cards and she finished every crossword puzzle she could find.  She does not however, have the quilting bug, yet.  But, I'm trying. 

Ya know that bag of  HST I have from the exchange?  I showed her "pressing" vs "ironing" and she took off and got most of my 1000 pieces pressed open.  (I joked that I couldn't take her to the airport until they were ALL done.  Hee hee.)  She showed me her favorites as she went along.  Then, she "graduated" to pressing block units while I sewed the Layer Cake block sample.  Wow, that was really fast.  I've never had anyone press while I sewed and let me tell you there can't be anything finer than to have those pressed pieces come flying back at you as fast as you can sew them together.   Did I mention the laundry is all done, too?  And, the ironing? 

I miss her already.


  1. It sounds like you had a lot of fun with your mom! Where does she live? I guess doing it together made it fun, but I don't know if I'd EVER get the quilting bug if what I envisioned was pressing open 1000 half square triangles! LOL!

    Speaking of pressing, I got an Oliso iron (the yellow one for quilters) a few months ago and that thing is my BABY. It's made me a lot better at pressing vs ironing! I'm so spoiled by that iron, I may have to get one for the farm for this summer. When I first got it, I didn't trust it to pop up when I wasn't using it, but yesterday I noticed I even stepped away without moving it OFF the fabric. That would be a bad thing with the older iron at the farmhouse! This one pops right up after you take your hand off, and turns itself off after 30 minutes if you don't touch it. I love the half hour feature, sometimes with piecing I get busy and am not back to the iron for a while. I has a great side load for water and fabulous variable steam. I've pretty much abandoned Best Press because I don't need it anymore. Amazing!

    Haha, I guess the only thing better than my Oliso would be having my mom do the pressing for me!

  2. I'm so glad you had a good visit with your Mom. I still miss mine, and it has been nearly 15 years. She was the same as yours....never a dirty dish or speck of dirty laundry. She would call and ask if I could come down because she had made chicken and noodles (from scratch) and there was enough for our dinner, too. My Mom made hexagons by hand. Her quilting all fit into a small box, and she would never have understood a whole room full of "stash". I read Boundaries quite awhile ago-a good book. I heard my daughter talking about The Millionaire Next Door. I may have to get that one. I should have emailed this ;-p

  3. Thank God for moms! I sure miss mine! Glad you had a great visit with yours.