Thursday, February 6, 2014

Quilt Cash - January report

One of my goals for this year was to spend less on quilt stuff and use more of what I have.  I know some people are keeping track of how much fabric has been used vs. purchased but I have decided to make my challenge based on $$.  So, how did I do in January?  The envelope please....I started the month with $100 in my envelope and I have $5 left.  I spent $13.86 on some cotton yarn and a case to store it, which I intend to use to knit some dishcloths for gifts.  I spent $26.09 on some new Kaffe dots which will go into Dottie Frames quilt in his new book Quilt Grandeur.  I spent $11.52 on a magazine and another piece of fabric and $43.34 on 2 nice zippered pouches in which to keep projects,  some sale fabric, a half yard of reg price fabric and thread.  I'm sure I could have done without the sale fabric, and probably the other piece as well so I'm a little disappointed with that.  I like magazines but don't get them very often.  Seeing it in black and white like this should really help me tighten up.  On a positive note, I sewed up 103 blocks so, surely, I used some yardage, it's just so hard to tell how much (and it doesn't look like there's ANY gone!).  I also started knitting a scarf with yarn I already had and that I'm glad to get out and into something.
One of my other goals was to exercise more and eat better.  With as cold as it's been I've done more hibernating than anything else but I did get on the treadmill a little-very little.  I will keep trying to improve on that this month.   How is everyone else doing with their (quilting) goals?
I just realized there were no pictures for you! So, here are the Kaffe's I bought.
Aren't they the perfect antidote for a cold winter?!  I thought so, too!


  1. He Steph. So do you physically put the cash into an envelope and spend from that? I get into a bit of trouble shopping on line especially when there is a big snow. LOL. Love your new Kaffes. I didn't know he had a new book......

  2. Yes I do actually put the cash into an envelope. Not as easy to do if you're shopping online! There's a kit I'm "waiting to buy" until I add February cash to the envelope so there won't be much left over after that but I will carry over anything left from the previous month...should there be any. This will probably be quite a challenge for me to stick to the plan.