Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A couple more pictures to share

This morning I got a couple of small errands done before our next big snow arrives tonight so I'm ready for it.  I could use a little extra sewing time if we get snowed in....but then again who wouldn't?!
Anyway, here is a little more show and share of my activity the past couple of weeks.
A test block for string-piecing a spider web quilt.  I've got bags of small pieces I'd like to use up and this might be a good project for them. These are paper pieced according to directions on Bonnie Hunter's website.  There is one difference though as I choose to piece the kite shapes as well.

I've re-arranged the basement (again)! I love having a sitting area next to the fireplace and we've been using it a lot more since we moved the couch here.  

This is the side of the basement you see first as you're coming down the stairs.  Much more open than before and I like having a work area next to my long arm.

Darn! I forgot to get a picture of this one when it was finished.  It's a vintage, probably 40's quilt top, simple nine patch, but oh so cute once it was quilted and bound in a little black and white stripey 30's print. 

How cool is this?! I didn't do this one; it's from Exuberant Color.  I think I have an "old" block or two that I'd like to try cutting up like this.

This is a test block from a YouTube video by Missouri Star quilt company called the disappearing pinwheel.  I think I would make mine from all different background fabrics instead of just one and that would make a nice quilt to donate. 

I have 16 blocks made so far for my Scrap Vomit quilt.  I think I'll make 35 to make it queen size...but then again maybe I'll just make it twin size for one of the extra beds.  Hmmmm, I'll know when I get there that it's big enough.

I've been working on Celtic Solstice too, little by little.  I have a small pile of blocks and several piles of bits and pieces.  It will probably take me all this year to get it done but that's ok.

I'm making lots of 4.5" Ohio Stars, just because I think they're so cute.  Maybe they'll go into a medallion style quilt to, maybe they will be in a quilt by themselves.  I don't know if Julie has started hers yet.  She just finished a project so maybe she'll get a chance to start making hers.  

I didn't take a picture of some of the others I'm working on....maybe next time.  I'm up to 50+ Split Nine-Patch blocks as my Leader/Ender Challenge, so that's about 25% I'm guessing.  No matter, they're fun and quick.  And, I'm still making 3" bow ties and 2" bow ties.  And, I "found" some Second Saturday kits from several years ago that I had collected and not made yet...those will be my February challenge, to get those made up and out of storage!
I hope you stay safe and warm throughout the storm...it has just started snowing here....

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