Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Productive Snow Day

With the shop closed today I have some extra time to sew and share!  So here is a tale which is probably very familiar to many of you!  When I was re-organizing my space the other day out jumped some Second Saturday Sampler block kits dated 2005!  Jeesh, of course I knew they were lurking somewhere but did they have to jump out at me like that and stare at me and demand attention?!  So, what's a hoarder, umm, quilter, supposed to do? I decided they needed to be made asap and stop taking up precious space.
Yay me! Here are the blocks from Month 2 & 3.  This year the choices were batik, red & green, blue & cream.  I collected all I could of the red & green and the blue & cream.  I have at least one of each month except January of which I have none.  No matter since I didn't have a plan at the time. (Obviously, right?).  There was another choice as well.  Instructions were given for a 9" finished block and a 6" finished.  I'm partial to smaller blocks so I have decided to make the 6" finished size.  Next, follow me here as we go further down the rabbit hole, when I began cutting for the 6" blocks there was so much fabric left that I could -almost- cut out a second one.  Hmmmm.  Now that stash is starting to pay off.  The blocks in the right hand column are Month 2 blue.  The kit fabrics are in the top block.  The only one I didn't have enough of was the center square (a 2 1/2" square- I've got that covered!). Month 3 blue I added the light blue to make the tiny pinwheel stand out. And, I found a scrap of the same dark blue in my stash to make the large pinwheel!  Amazing!  Month 3 red/green I again added the fabric for the tiny pinwheel and I added another fabric for the large pinwheel.  That's 3 little baggies out of the drawer! 21 baggies to go.   I even know what I'll do with them all when I have them made but that's a tale for another day.  Happy sewing!

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