Saturday, January 8, 2011

Week One: A Good Start

I feel pretty good about what I've gotten done this week.  I quilted a quilt (a baby quilt for a customer) on my long-arm.  It had minkee on the back and it came out really cute.  There's really nothing special you need to do to when using minkee on a long-arm.  You just have to check that it's smooth just like you always would.  And, you don't want it to be too taut; that, too, is normal procedure.  I ordered thread for the next quilt I want to do.  Also, I did not buy any fabric this week; that must be a first but, did I use any fabric?  Just a small bit, for the president's block I wanted to make for our 2010 guild president.  I've been catching up on some other stuff such as returns from Christmas which I hadn't gotten around to yet.   So, nothing terribly exciting but a good week none the less.  So, for my goals report:
Quilts quilted:  1/1
Fabric purchased: 0
Fabric used:  1/8 yard

Hope you all got off to a good start, too!


  1. I love the way the quilting shows on minkee. I think it would be so cute on the kids quilt but those girls and their love of princesses still wins. Nice work for week 1 of 2011.

  2. Hi, I recognize myself!
    Looking for the beginning of the BOM, and found this!