Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Santa's Workshop! Project #1 - Faux Leather Journal Cover

 Do Y'all know what day it is today?  It's the 25th of the month and in only 11 months many of us will be celebrating another Christmas with friends and family!  Well, that got me to thinking about how I always wanted to get an Earlier Start on Christmas projects so How About NoW!  Anyone in with me?  I want to set aside one day each month to work on all the projects I'd like to have ready for gift-giving.  On the 25th of every month I'll share what I've been working on.  So, here is the first project:  Journal Covers!  Made with faux leather, they look quite handsome.  These cutting measurements are for a standard compostition notebook.  (When they go on sale at the beginning of the school year, buy lots of them!  I ran out and had to get some more at Regular Price.  :(

  These covers are lined and the notebook front and back are inserted into the pocket.  From a half yard of faux leather you willl be able to cut at least 4 covers.  If you are using cotton fabric that is 44" wide you will be able to cut four covers (cover only, not the lining) out of a half-yard of fabric.  You'll need 1/3 yard for the lining and pockets for each cover for either a cotton cover or a faux leather cover.  Use a 1/4" seam allowance throughout.  A size 90/14 needle worked fine for me.

Faux Leather Journal Cover

This is the basic fabric journal cover


Pieces cut

Cut (1) each from cover and lining fabrics 10 1/2” x 16”

Cut (2) pieces from pocket fabric 10 1/2" square

Press pocket fabrics in half, with right sides facing out.

Layers in place and side seams

Layer fabrics in this order:

Cover, right side facing up, then pocket fabric, raw edges aligned with outer edges, then lining fabric, face down.

Pin and sew all (4) side seams.  There are two side seams on each side.  The yellow pin heads remind me not to sew that section!  We leave that section open to turn it right sides out later. 

Top and bottom pinned

Pin and sew top and bottom edges sewing through all four layers. Sew with the fabric on the bottom and the faux leather on top.  Clip corners.

Turn right side out

Turn right side out using opening.
Press neatly.

Stitch opening closed by folding seam allowance to inside; hold in place and stitch close to edge. 

Stitch the opening closed

Insert journal front and back covers into pocket slots.

There's a picture of a couple of my pieced journal covers on the flickr link to the right.  I've made quilted covers also.  If you want to make one of those cut the cover and lining pieces about 1 1/2" larger, layer with batting, quilt, trim to an 1/8" larger to allow a little more ease since the layers create bulk. 

If you have ideas to share please post a comment!

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