Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sneak Peak!

I've been sewing all day on a new project for the shop which will probably be on display in the next week or two! It's cute, fun and simple to make. It would be great in lots of different fabric combinations but here is mine:

Connector Corners

Did you notice that this unit is a connector corner?  And, did you also see that I've drawn two lines?  I am not throwing away the bit that gets cut away after sewing on the first line.  I will sew again through the second line and cut inbetween the two and TA DA, I get a bonus half-square triangle unit!   The bonus unit is 1 7/8" which is not a very nice size to work with but, I'll leave them as is until I decide what I'd like to do with them. But, honestly, how could I just throw all that away? 

Bonus Triangles!

So, anyway, here is where the piece in the top picture ends up!  
Sneak Peak
So, what else would one rather do on a winter's day than sew!  I love my days off!  (I like days on also but, I really like the chance to piece during the daylight hours!) 

More to get some more pictures up for the journal too! 

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