Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Day Two

Alright, we've done Hancock's and the Museum and there is still more neat stuff to do here. So, today, after a giving ourselves permission to sleep in, we headed over to the vendors on Kentucky Ave. I was tempted by a loom to make rag rugs. Any comments on making rag rugs? Do they go with any decor? I'm wondering if a rag rug will look too "country" in my house.

Next stop, lunch at Kirchoff''s, for a bowl of delicious tomato soup and half a muffaletta sandwich. So good. Now we're off to the Rotary Club's antique quilt exhibit and, you guessed it, more vendors. Cherrywood has their booth there and I used some of their fabric in my nephew L's quilt a couple years ago. So, I had to get some more and a pattern I'd seen before and liked.

We called it an early day after that and headed back to the hotel to sew and look at our new stuff. We've had such a good time that we wished we could stay another day....could we? Hmmm. Maybe we could..............DONE! We're staying another day. Maybe we'll go see a demo at the show but, we'll definitely spend more time there and that's going to be great.

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