Monday, April 4, 2011


Well, I did it.  I bought fabric on Sunday for my Eventide quilt!  I hope to post pictures of my fabric choices soon.  I may not get to start on it right away, even though I'm itching to.  I have a recipient selected as well but, I won't say who it is yet, but, it's not for me.  My goal is to work on it during the summer and have it ready for Christmas giving.  I have a couple of grad quilts that really must come first! 

I decided to put in fewer hours at the shop this month in order to get caught up.  I put the next charity quilt on the frame today and will finish it tomorrow.  This one has been sitting waiting for me for a couple of months.  Another one awaits.  They must get done so they can be given to their needy recipients!  I completed a third a couple of weeks ago.  After those have been moved along it's back to piecing and a couple of other must do's. 

But, tonight I am enjoying the Butler/UConn game!  It's phenomenal!  I would love to see Butler win but either way these young men are amazing.

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  1. I still have a little bit of work to do on my Eventide quilt top! Laid it out and when I took the picture, noticed that that one block was turned the wrong way! Sheesh!! LOL So it's rip-it time for a little while then I can finish! It's a fun quilt to make; you will love it!
    Mary Lou