Sunday, June 10, 2012

Does anybody use their living room any more?

Does anybody use their living room any more?  Well, we rarely do, what with having a family room and a sunroom to relax in, the living room can go unused for months at a time so, I’ve taken it over. No, I did not set up my sewing machine in there. I have a new spot for my desk and computer! I previously shared an office with my husband and it’s not that that didn’t work out but…this is waaaay better.

I love being in the front room. When I sit at my desk I can look out the front window. I can see who is coming to the front door.  My quilting library is right here, too.  There's a couch to stretch out on.  I really enjoy this space. Doesn’t that sound fabulous?? I still need to hang a couple of pictures or quilts but other than that it didn’t take long at all. All we did was swap out an antique cupboard for my desk and add in a little table for a printer. The cupboard holds my husband’s camera equipment so it really belongs in his office anyway. The couch and loveseat stayed and provides comfy seating when I want to catch up on everyone blogs or nap or catch the morning sun. This room suddenly has new life and purpose. I'm so glad to have put this unused space to good use.

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  1. Goo for you to think outside the box and really use all the space in your home. I am house hunting (again)) and am really looking at creative ways to us rooms. I'd rather have a great sewing studio than an unused formal space!