Friday, June 22, 2012

The Closet Under the Stairs, part 1

Another reorganizing project has begun!  I read something on someone’s blog quite some time ago and although the idea stuck with me I’m sorry to say the blogger’s name did not.  This gal had made a “Batt Cave” for all of her tubs and rolls and packages of batting and it was stored in a small closet.  I thought that was so cute and wished I could do something like that.  Well, many months later, it occurred to me that I actually do have access to a closet but I had kinda forgotten that it was even there because once again, it was a forgotten area.  Who knows what stuff actually lurked in there.  And, did I really want to know, let alone deal with it??  I guess the answer is YES.  I wanted to make better use of that closet and have my very own “Batt Cave”. 

The Stuff
So, out came everything from the closet.  Egads!  How did all that stuff fit in there?  Well, it fit because it’s actually quite a good sized space.

More Stuff
The Empty Closet

I measured all its wonky angles and cleaned up the scuffed walls with a Magic Eraser then I made a sketch and started researching my shelving options.  I’ve got all this stuff out in the middle of the floor so I needed to decide on something pretty quickly!  I bought some shelving units today so next time I will show you what it looks like all properly organized!  I can't wait.

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  1. I'm excited to see how this turns out!! We use the space under the stairs for beer and wine making.