Thursday, December 16, 2010

Year End Round Up & A Look At 2011

For my "almost" final stash report I have used almost half of what I bought this year.  Since there are still a few days left and a few more things to finish by Christmas and the end of the year the actual numbers may change a little bit but, I doubt the percentages will change very much.  Let's just say I could use Bonnie Hunter's new book, which promises to provide projects to use your stash, before it's release date of Jan 21.  Check out the cover at  I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't use more of what I've purchased so, there is challenge #1 for 2011.  I'd like to reverse those totals and use up twice as much as what I purchase.  I think I'll need a much smaller budget next year, too!  So, I'll continue to keep track of my stash and report on my progress occasionally. 

For my second challenge for 2011, I'd like to quilt one quilt per week on my long-arm.  Now that could be tough because I certainly don't piece that many tops in a year but I do have a plan.  I have enough tops to take care of January!!  And, I have several unfinished pieces and pieces of fabric which would look great with some neat fill patterns on them that I've been wanting to try.  So, this goal will run right along side my goal to do more freehand work.

Now that should be enough but, there's more!  Since I want to report on all these goings-on at least once a week and, so you have more reason to come back and visit, I'm also going to post instructions for a block made from layer cake (10") squares at least once a month.  By the end of the year we'll have at least 12 blocks and I'll have some setting ideas too.  The first block post will be early in the month but, I'm not sure what day yet.  So, get a layer cake or cut some 10" squares from your stash and stitch along!  I'll post more info asap.  Leave me a comment, let me know what you think! 

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  1. I can help add to your one quilt per week challenge. I have a few tops ready to quilt. Well at least really close to ready and a deadline to get them to you just might get me to finish them.