Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Snow Day=Sew Day

I'm so happy to stay home today and SEW. I want to finish Clue #2 in the mystery quilt I'm doing. With a day like this I might just get it done! And then I have two snowmen pillowcases to make for the guest room; seems appropriate to have them done and on the bed asap, doesn't it?

I just finished a quilt based on my pattern called "Indiana Fields". It's in repro blues and creams, scrappy; I really like the way it turned out. I dug into my scraps for the whole thing! I did purchase the border fabric and backing, but, still.... I quilted it on my HQ and that worked out pretty well too; not perfect, but good. I'm still at the point where I need lots of practice to keep curves curvy and points pointy. I used a fairly dense pantograph so it would scrunch up alot...and it did! It lost 5" in each direction after washing. I wash all my quilts as soon as they're bound. It's part of the process for me. I love the scrunchiness of a washed quilt.

I've also started keeping a fabric log. In 2010 I have purchased 22.25 yards and used 16 7/8 yards. If I go downstairs NOW to sew I should be able to add another couple of yards to the OUT category...especially if I make those pillowcases! I started this effort to use stash on Jan 1 by opening my scrap drawer and sorting and pressing the whole lot so I could see what I had. I sorted by color. Now, when I go into that drawer it's SO easy to pull out the cream/tans and look for the shirtings I need for the mystery quilt! I'm so glad I did this. It feels so good to USE it! I'm also purchasing just for what I'm working on instead of for future projects. OK, there's always an exception...I did get a yard each of some new Kaffe fabrics that came in and I have no plans for them yet....

I'm excited about the mystery project. It's all scrappy and should look really old when it's finished. I'm making three times as many units as it calls for so I can make 2; one for me and one for my niece who is graduating this year. Shhh, she doesn't know it and may be wondering why I haven't asked her what she wants yet when everyone else ahead of her has gotten one. She really likes OLD things so I think she'll really like this. So, I'm off; I need to cut 65 squares of shirtings and some strips, too, for strip sets.

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  1. Hi Steph,

    Hey, I'm a follower now..Keep posting...It's nice to see what one's friends are up to.
    Isn't it great to get your materials in order, makes it so much easier when you're in the middle of project frenzy.