Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Quilt Pattern Published!

My second pattern as quilt designer has been printed and bagged and is ready for sale! It will be for sale at the Indiana Heritage Quilt Show along with the first one I wrote. I'm quite happy with it except it cost an arm and a leg to make color copies of several of the pages. There's a really great technique in it along with an extra page of things you can do with it. My company is called Lucky Star Quilts and they are carried by Quilts Plus in Indianapolis.

Although I brought more fabric home from work this week I also used some up so I'm running about even in the stash. I brought home some 1/4 yard cuts of the cutest shirtings to replace some of what I had used in the mystery quilt since I still have more to cut for that. And, I bought some fabric that had written on it the whole verse of 'Twas the night before Christmas. I love that story and I thought it would make the cutest pillowcases to have on every bed guessed it...the night before Christmas. I had to get it NOW because everyone knows if you wait it will be GONE when you do want it. To use fabric I completed the two pillowcases I mentioned last time and cut up 4 more yards of strips for the crocheted rug I'm working on and a little bit cut for the mystery quilt.

Today I finished clue #2 of the mystery quilt. (I'm making it, not writing it.) It really feels good to stay on top of that. The clues are really well written and, so far, I like the way it has been broken down. I made 180 4-patches today and they are so cute!! Love them! The pattern was written by Debbie Caffrey.

I've been watching the Olympics also which is when I've been working on my crocheted rug. You can't hurt yourself with the big crochet hook I'm using either!


  1. Congrats Stephanie! Isn't it great to be a published author.

  2. I am a new quilt shop and I saw your Indiana
    Fields pattern at the Lancaster Quilt Show.
    I would love to carry it in my shop. Also interested in your mystery quilt series, it sounds like fun! You can reach me on or by
    phone- 610-347-1122 Andra Rudershausen