Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Closet under the Stairs, part 2

Yahoo!   After a 15 hour day of shuffling, bending, crawling, sorting, and assembling the closet has been reorganized into the Ultimate Storage Area!  I can’t believe how much stuff I was able to get in there.

View down center of closet
Left Side -Note lighting

 Here’s what I ended up purchasing: 2 standard 3-shelf bookcase units; 1 set of tall wire shelves 18” deep (at right) and 2 sets of short wire shelves also 18” deep (at left).  I also bought 8 fabric cubes, (10) 16 qt bins and (3) 28 qt and (2) 66 qt bins.  Total cost:  $253.38.   I reclaimed from other areas of the house a tall bookcase, a couple more magazine file boxes, and a couple of other totes.

Bookcases-Right Side
ALL my magazines and notebooks and ALL of my little plastic drawer units fit in the bookcases with room to spare.  The wire shelves which are rated to hold 150 lbs per shelf hold most of my project bins.  One of my favorite things about the re-do was being able to separate every project into its own container.  No more P-I-G-S, baskets, baggies, piles, trays or stuff otherwise strewn about; they’re all gone.

 The Shelf Project has been dismantled.  I REMOVED that large shelving unit and one bookcase which visually cleaned up the space a lot. All of those projects have their own bin. 

I found a better spot for the ironing board when a plug became available again after removing the bookcase.

Since then I also found out I needed to LABEL every bin!  I used to know where everything was but when it gets moved around to this extent I had a heck of a time finding a couple of things.  I used index cards and a large black marker to label every bin because ya know I really DO want to make these projects some day!

Hope you enjoyed this little show and that it will inspire you to do something with YOUR stash!

Happy Organizing! Next step...SEW!

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