Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spring Cleaning

I have do some major cleaning...the house kind, not the quilting kind, unfortunately.  I would much rather be cutting up fabric scraps and making piles of pieces for my next quilt but, I've ignored the house cleaning for too long.  Oh sure, I do the regular stuff; I don't want anyone to be grossed out or anything.  What I haven't done for awhile is the other stuff, like cleaning the baseboards and the cabinet doors and closet doors and that kind of stuff.   This is partially the result of a discussion that ended with something like this:  "well, you know, we have lived here for about 11 years, and it's starting to show"  Yikes!  He was right.  Well, I don't think 11 years is a very long time for a house and it was new when we moved in so that means anything that's happened to it is all on us.  So, it really is time for more than a spit shine. 

So, in case I have nothing fun to write about for the rest of the month you'll know why. 

I will pass on the recipe for the cleaner I am using for all our painted wood surfaces, tile floors, sinks, countertops (solid surface, not granite); it works fabulously on grime:

To a half a bucket of hot water add 1/2 Cup amonia and 1/2 Cup rubbing alcohol and a squirt (2 tsp?) of dishwashing detergent.  It doesn't need to be really sudsy.  

I do have pictures of a little paper-pieced daffodil block I made into a mug mat for my Mom for mother's day.  I'll try to get that up soon.  And, I did finish the quilt I made for my nephew.  And, I do need to make and post the May Layer Cake Blocks.  If anyone is in a hurry for those email me and I'll do my best to get to it. 

Hope all the moms out there are having a great day!

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