Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stash Report

As of the end of September, I have purchased 177.68 yards and I have used 105.96 for a net of 71.72 yards added to my stash.  I have a few yards set aside for pillowcases for gifts and I'd like to make a couple for the pillowcase challenge, too.  I'd also thought about making a couple pairs of boxer shorts and a couple of aprons for gifts as well. 

I have added to my Short List three quilt tops to quilt for Becky for her breast cancer project.  And, there are two others to quilt for my SIL.  I plan to get all of these done in the next four to five weeks; I'll get one loaded this morning. That would leave some time for another quilt or two if someone needs one done by Christmas. 

I'm also debating about what classes to offer next session.  I've got lots of ideas but if anyone has any requests for something they want to learn about let me know!  I can work on a project for that! 

The days have been beautiful...hope you all are getting out for some nice long walks.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Blog Hop-Not Too Late To Check it Out

Ok.  So really it is Day 10 and the last day of the Blog Hop but, if you jump over to GE Designs blog and start there, there are 10 free patterns by 10 wonderful designers and I think you have until Friday to download the patterns.  There's always room for another project on the list, isn't there?  Terri of Whimsicals, a local designer is part of the blog hop too and you can go to her website http://www.whimsicalquilts.com/ as well and find the list. 

I have some catching up to do...a stash report among other things.  I've been busy taking pictures of my  finished projects and posting them on my NEW flickr site.  I'm also on facebook and twitter.  I'll get links up for those as soon as I can.  But you can check out my finished projects on the bar at right. :)

I've finished a couple more projects as well; the latest is a charity top that I quilted on my long-arm for the guild.  I bought a couple of tops on eBay very inexpensively so that I would have more tops to practice on.  When I complete those I'll either keep them or give them away.  It seemed like a good option; I bought them cheaper than I could make them and it certainly saves me all the time it would take to make them as well.  I'll let you know how that experiment turns out. 

Well, the Yankees made it into the post-season and then there's football to watch so that means knitting time is here too.  The other day I got out a hat I had started and it is now almost done!  Woo hoo!  I love finishing things!  I've also realized that it really bothers me to have sooo many UFO's and sooo much extra fabric; tubs and tubs of it.  Well, I'm rambling now so it must be time to finish this post and get to work on that hat.