Saturday, April 10, 2010

Starters and Stash Report

Hi everyone!

I don't know what got in to me but as I enjoy cooking, most of the time, I had been looking into making some good pizza dough. While on that little quest, I became interested in the cookbooks by the King Arthur Flour company. Reading recipes about this and that I decided to get my starter out of the freezer and spent some of my free time this week renewing my sourdough starter. With several of my groups meeting this week, I ended up "saving" each division of dough making more and more starter with plastic containers taking over the countertop! And, what's more, I gave away every one of them, except my original container of it. If you've never used or made starter before, check out King Arthur Flour's website and you might just want to start some of your own! BTW, I haven't made that pizza dough yet but I did make a wonderful sourdough carrot cake.

I haven't reported on my stash for ages but, I haven't done a ton of sewing lately either. I haven't worked on the mystery quilt for at least a month. I changed ideas for the graduation quilt I'm doing and that's all cut out. I bought a few small pieces of fabric to add to what I had in my stash for that project. Buy some, save some, cut some. My current standing for the 2010 is 55 3/4 yards IN, and 47 yards OUT. That's fairly close, but I'd like to do better; however, there's way too much FUN fabric out there these days.

It's almost time for the Paducah show and I'm going again! I'm not supposed to bring home another long-arm quilting machine....hmmm. Hope I can live up to that! If I bring home a machine it doesn't count under my stash report does it....

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  1. It was a fun Friday night class. Reading your blog I'm learning lots. No idea you had even one pattern out not to mention 2. Congrats, I'm sure that is a lot of hard work. Can't wait for the next FNF I can attend. Thanks for all you do.