Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'm Waiting

Well, I've tried mobile posting several times (Grrrr!) to no avail. I can't seem to get the system to work so I can post pictures I've taken with my phone over the past two weeks. So, the learning curve is still on the giant part of the upswing. Anyway.....

What I've been waiting for was delivered today. It will take quite a bit of unpacking and assembling but I've been told the assembly is not so bad and, of course, the payoff is really worth it. While in Paducah, I purchased a long-arm quilting machine called the HQ Sixteen. I brought home the machine in the car but the table and frame was sent via UPS.

The HQ Sixteen is a light-weight version of a long-arm machine. A couple of things I think that will be really important is that the table is adjustable in height and length so, if the space I have available for it changes, let's say, to an apartment, I can change the size of the table. I can even use the same machine head on a table the size of a card table (for free-motion work only). It's also not quite so industrial as other machines I was considering. And, I really don't plan on owning a sweat-shop so I don't need an industrial strength machine. Actually, the machine is industrial it's the table that is less so. I think it will be absolutely perfect for my use, and that of a couple of friends. So, if I ever get the tech side figured out, there will be photos!

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  1. Congrats again on your new purchase! Holler if there is anything I can help with :)