Monday, September 3, 2012

53 and counting...

Happy Labor Day! And, Happy Birthday to my Dearest!

What did you do today? I caught up on some overdue tasks and had some time for sewing too. I think I need my own personal Labor Day every month to try to keep up with things; wouldn’t that be great?

I started 2 new projects today so, 53 and counting is in reference to the number of projects I have “in progress”, which may not be entirely accurate, could be more…. Maybe I should say "53, but who's counting??"

I had a fantastic time at the AQS Show in Grand Rapids. I liked the set-up and I loved having new territory to uncover…we found several shops in the area that we would happily go back to so, if you went I hope you did some touring also. I came back with lots of ideas and some new patterns but those aren’t the ones I started on today. I’ve been wandering around different blogs and found a project that suits my growing pile of scraps to a T, it’s called Scrap Vomit and was hosted at At this point you would have to go to her tutorials page to find the instructions. There is still a Flickr page for it, too. Here is my first block made up of 49 2 ½” squares; it’s Block A:

The next project I started is a Quilt Block of the Week with Barbara Brackman. Surely I can do 1 block a week, right??? She started a new blog for it and you can read about it here: Here is my first block:

Finally, my most current project is the Great Granny Square Quilt Along:  I completed my 11th block today but I'm only showing 9 of them here.  I haven't decided whether to make more to stop here....

Hope you had a great weekend!