Sunday, September 12, 2010

Summer Review

The temperatures are finally cooling down and I couldn't be happier about that. Being over 50 those hot days are challenging! I did get a lot of tops completed though because it was too hot to be outside. It took 91 days from start to finish to get my HQ16 back to me in working order. I've had something on the frame every week since then and it is such a relief to get those projects moved forward. The pile is still tall; there are still 2 tops to quilt for the guild's charity effort, two more tops I bought off of eBay a long time ago that I'd like to finish (they are perfect for practicing on), some table toppers for Christmas gifts and two class projects from MQS in May. Now, if I could get through those I would be ecstatic!

Through the end of August I have bought 155 yards of fabric and used 93 yards. (-62 yds).

Really not so bad. Except for what I bought at the annual Ice Cream Social sale I would be nearly even! I've got plans for lots of sewing and lots of stash busting this fall so I'll go out on a limb and predict that by year's end I will have used more than I brought in. 62 yards is only backing for what...6-10 quilts?

My latest clean it up/clear it out project is to deal with the 4 tubs of batting scraps I have under my HQ table. I've sorted it into two piles and decided to keep 2 tubs worth of larger pieces which I can use for table toppers and tote bags and smaller projects. The remaining 2 tubs worth of smaller stuff I am cutting up for a flannel rag quilt which I can make for this year's donation quilt. If anyone is interested in donating flannel or needs batting to sew their own rag quilt let me know and we'll coordinate.

I used my starter today for some waffles and a batch of ciabatta bread. YUM! I also made two loaves of meatloaf and some roasted vegetables for dinner.

Happy Grandparents Day to all of you who are grandparents!

Hope you have a great week, too.