Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stash Report and Bossy Pants

We're in the middle of one hot and humid summer. I suppose I shouldn't expect anything different in Indiana. Since it's been too hot to be outside I've been cutting up a storm. I haven't been able to finish anything though, because I'm still waiting for my long-arm to be sent back to me. It's been out of commission for two months :(. So, the tops are done for a bedrunner, a tree skirt, a graduation quilt, and a tote bag. I've been cutting up fabric to begin a triangle exchange with my guild. And, I have made progress on a UFO I'm using as my Leaders and Enders project. (If you are unfamiliar with leaders and enders, it's a great way to maximize your sewing time. Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville has an excellent tutorial AND a book on it so, hop on over to her website sometime and check it out.) So, with all that cutting I've kept pretty close, considering. For my stash report, I have just topped 100 yards of fabric IN and cut up about 85 yards.
One thing that has had made a difference is having a bag at the ready in which to throw 1" strips of leftover anything. Those will go into my crocheted rug. It keeps lots of strings of stuff from piling up all over waiting to be dealt with. I think Bonnie would be pleased with that idea, too! I like a clean, organized space and having bits of stuff floating about drives me crazy. And, when you can't find your gear because it's covered up with something that's a big time waster. Or, if you have to move stuff about all the time, that's another big time waster. And, most of us have precious little time to begin with so don't spend it moving things around or looking for something or worst of all, having to re-buy it because we can't find it! Sorry for wearing my bossy pants today, but you know all this is true! So, keep it cleaned up and cleared out! Happy quilting! Enjoy the cool of the indoors (sorting and organizing) if it's too hot for you out there.