Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's June Already!

Ok, so who switched the calendar on me? How did it become June already? I have way too much to do and can't figure out how to stay on top of it all. I am working on the graduation quilt for Mattie. The top should be completed over the next two-three days and then on to the frame it goes lickety-split! I have the choosen the panto I want to use on it. Dare I say that the quilt I ended up making for her is design idea #3? I've used some of the pieces I cut for #2 so some of the fabrics stayed but I had to change the overall look. I guess the wind was trying to tell me something....I had the whole thing up on my design wall one beautiful afternoon, window wide open enjoying the breeze when it kicked up quite a bit and blew off the pieces I hadn't yet pinned in place. Whooosh! Well, I wasn't in love with it anyway. So, back to the drawing board or, in my case, I peruse lots of magazines as well as they come through the shop...and this picture popped out at me. I didn't need a pattern for it. I just sketched out what I wanted to do for it and put together some numbers so I could make it the right size and voila! Design #3. I'll post a picture soon. Hopefully I'll get some pics of it before I give it away.

The Unofficial Stash Report: I know I used up a couple more yards in the process of making the above blocks but I had bought a couple yards for it while in Paducah in April. And, I haven't used some of the other fabulous stuff I bought there. That was supposed to be something I could dive into right away.....But, I have resisted bringing stuff home from work every day. I only bring stuff home every OTHER day!!! Hee, hee, hee. Oh well, I am trying to be more mindful even if I'm probably still bringing in more than I use up.

I also went to the Machine Quilter's Showcase in Kansas City last month. Fab-u-lous!! Loved my classes (most of them), loved the quilts (of course), loved getting away for a few days with S, even though we just spent the evenings together. And, we saw some very dear friends of ours as well. Kansas City also has some wonderful old architecture which we captured in photographs for me to use in machine quilting. I think I've found a new hobby!!

Happy quilting, y'all. And, happy summer, ready or not!